The fields of Accounting and financial management are forms of art; they are more than just debits and credits in accounting softwares. It is more than the monthly financial statements. It is the art of combining the organization’s historical data (bookkeeping, the fundamentals of accounting) and the organization’s goals (forecast) to bring everyone involved to the table through numbers. WE all know that organizations can not achieve their goals if they do not know or understand how their business operates.

Closing Your Books ensures all non-accountant employees understand the financial risk, whether big or small, before decisions are made to move forward with a product or service. Every decision made within an organization has an economic impact. Closing Your Books assist with figuring out the financial impact. 

We at Closing Your Books not only want to be your financial partners; we want to act as your devil advocate to look at all financial repercussions every step of the way. We do this through our proactive approach, continuous conversations, excellent communication, and different reporting forms, ensuring everyone is on the same financial page.

We want you to have control over your books, your operations, your profits, your business and move your business to the next level proactively, not reactively.  

Just because cash is in the bank doesn’t mean you are achieving your organization’s goals.


Financial Reporting

Accurate financial reporting is the cornerstone of any business, allowing you to make informed decisions, prepare effective growth strategies, ensure key data is properly recorded and more. Closing Your Books will assist in the preparation of reports as well as analyze them on a consistent basis. This will be done in compliance with all accounting standards and other regulatory requirements.

accounting department management

Closing Your Books can mentor, develop and oversee Accounting Department team members while assisting in the preparation of reports and acting as a second set of trained eyes to keep your business on track. We’ll also help facilitate seamless partnership with the CEO management team and owners.

budgeting and expense control

To get where you want to go, your organization needs clear, achievable, thought-out goals and someone to help you reach them. We’ll work with you to set customized budgets for your business and balance cash flow, forecasts, projections, reports and more to get you on the strategic path to success.

cash flow management

Understanding cash flow and how it impacts your daily financial decisions is a vital steppingstone for your company to achieve new growth. Closing Your Books will track/financially manage your business’s cash flow and use this information to set targeted goals and offer projection of forward-looking profitability against budget.


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.

Take back Control & Start Living Dangerously.

Once you understand the fundamentals, get your bookkeeping up to date, learn how technology can help, dig into your accounting software and financial transactions, you will know enough to be “Dangerous”…. Dangerous enough: To feel confident to ask questions. To know what your bookkeeper and tax accountant is supposed to be doing. To know what your monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements are telling you. To be able to identify if something is not correctly reflected in your financial statements. And so much more. #dangerouslyinlovewithyourfinances