CFO & Financial Controller
Services for Service Providers

Searching for “Controllers Accounting” or “Corporate Finance Planning”? You’ve found the answer you’re looking for!

Whether you offer HVAC heating and cooling, plumbing, electrical work, or other valuable services, Closing Your Books would be proud to help you manage your business’ finances, prevent mismanagement, set financial budgets, do business plan financial projections, develop customized growth strategies, and much more. With years of experience, multiple degrees, and a passion for finance, we can:

-Use of cost accounting to measure whether projects are hitting desired profit goals
-Budget costs based on what you need to spend on forecasted projects, not on what was spent last year
-Put safeguards in place to minimize fraud
-Identify signs of financial trouble -Improve ineffective financial information system
-Assist with developing accurate estimates
-Uncover poor bookkeeping habits

Financial Controller for Service Providers

Don’t let a mistake with the books cost you hard-earned cash. Closing Your Books will act as a second set of trained eyes, watching over your finances and carefully managing accounting transactions and reporting functions with reliable risk management, governance, and financial stewardship. We’ll also mentor and develop accounting team members as we assist in the preparation of reports, budgets, forecasts, cash flows, projections, and other similar aspects.

To make it easy to keep up proper financial stewardship practices and maintain good control procedures, we’ll help you find and utilize the perfect financial management system for your company. As well as keeping your finances safer, having a brand new, modern system will also drive performance and make things better for your employees. We’ll also conduct data migration to convert the old system to the new one for your convenience.

CFO for Service Providers

If you’re hoping to grow your company, you need more than a business plan. With Closing Your Books on your side as a part-time, virtual CFO, you’ll get a proactive partner ready to develop tailored strategies for your future success. We’ll analyze the financials of your past and current work, correct any previous mismanagement, and create a clear, realistic roadmap that can be followed to achieve team goals.

In addition to long-term thinking, you’ll get short-term financial strategies with pricing decisions, strategy formulation/refinement, and detailed projections to help you get where you want to go faster. Our virtual CFO services can take your service business to the next level.

Your Dependable CFO/Controller

If you need a CFO or a controller in accounting, Closing Your Books has got your back with effective business finance planning that is personalized not only for your general role as a service provider but for your work in the particular industry you serve. And because you don’t have to hire someone full-time, we’re a cost-effective solution to your needs!

To learn more about how we can help you, or to figure out which specific service would be best for your needs, just fill out the form below. We look forward to working with you so you can be #dangerouslyinlovewithyourfinances.


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.