Tasks of a Financial Controller

  • Mentor and develop accounting/finance team members.
  •  Manage accounting/finance transactions and reporting functions, oversee the accounting/finance team and provide reliable financial stewardship, risk management, and governance.
  •  A second set of trained eyes on financial books.
  • Initiate and maintain effective control procedures to ensure all assets, liabilities, income, and expenses are accurately recorded.
  • Assist in the preparation of budgets, forecasts and cash flows, and projection of forward-looking profitability against budget.
  • Preparation of financial reports compliant with accounting standards and other regulatory requirements.
  •  Development, review, and analysis of daily, weekly and end of month management reports.
  • Keep the organization up to date with the latest financial technology to drive performance.
  • Data migration – converting our old accounting system to a new system.

No one wants to lose their hard-earned income due to a mistake with the books or unfortunate action from an employee. In addition to mentoring/overseeing accounting team members, a Financial Controller acts as a second set of trained eyes constantly working so your money is going exactly where it should be. 

Closing Your Books will help you by implementing key cost-effective and timesaving protective strategies like reliable risk management and effective control procedures while keeping full compliance with all accounting standards/requirements. Investing in services like financial stewardship, risk management and governance is a choice that helps ensure there are no costly surprises down the line.

To make things easy for you to view the numbers at a glance, we assist in the preparation of budgets, forecasts, cash flows, management reports, financial reports and other similar data-driven endeavors. As your business’ Part-Time Financial Controller, Closing Your Books is also prepared to simultaneously drive performance and keep things organized with the latest financial technology. Need data migration from an old system to something more efficient? That’s covered in our scope as well. 


Controller Case Study

A not-for-profit school that was growing and needed much more than basic bookkeeping. Their bookkeeper was terrific; however, she was also the secretary and lacked the financial management skills to keep up with the growth of the school. Financial reporting was not completed in a timely fashion, and there was no one to check the work of the bookkeeper or explain the monthly activities to the Board of Directors and Executive Director.

Closing Your Books immediate step by step results:

Step 1

Developed a nourishing and mentor style relationship with the Bookkeeper and Office Manager.

Step 2

Implemented strong internal controls procedures within the organization.

Step 3

Excellent communication with the Board of Directors and Executive Director every step of the way.

Step 4

Provided financial data in various ways that everyone in the organization understood the business so that everyone can achieve their financial goals.

Step 5

Implemented current day practices with the help of the latest technology.

Step 6

Developed weekly and monthly processes, which allowed the bookkeeper to close the month in 3 days instead of 7 days.

Step 7

Analyze trends on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Step 8

Reviewed the work of the bookkeeper, minimizing the risk of financial errors and fraud.

Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller?

If your business is taking in under $1M in revenue, our Controller Services are likely what you need. We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Contact form to reach out to us!


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.