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I believe in Communication. Communication that is simple and understandable. This not only allows for true transparency, but it also allows for a better understanding of your business’s cash movement.


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.

Take back Control & Start Living Dangerously.

Once you understand the fundamentals, get your bookkeeping up to date, learn how technology can help, dig into your accounting software and financial transactions, you will know enough to be “Dangerous”…. Dangerous enough: To feel confident to ask questions. To know what your bookkeeper and tax accountant is supposed to be doing. To know what your monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements are telling you. To be able to identify if something is not correctly reflected in your financial statements. And so much more. #dangerouslyinlovewithyourfinances