Tasks of a CFO

  • Develop and drive strategic growth activities and being a proactive strategic partner to the CEO management team and owners.
  • Task cash flow and financial management.
  • Correct the financial side of the business that has been mis-managed.
  • Provide strategic planning.
  • Provides financial clarity about the future and develop a clear roadmap of how to achieve the organizations’ goal.
  • Provide financial strategy such as pricing decision, long-term projections or strategy formulation/refinement.

There’s so much more to growing your company than a basic business plan. As your Part-Time Chief Financial Officer, Closing Your Books will act as a proactive strategy partner to the CEO management team and owners with our full support behind your flourishing success. It is our goal to provide you with customized short and long-term strategies to drive strategic growth activities that create renewed progress for the entire company.

After using our experience and expertise to analyze key financial aspects such as your business’ cash flow, Closing Your Books will develop a clear, sound and achievable roadmap so your group can accomplish the organization’s goals. To further help you get where you want to go, we’ll continually offer calculated financial-focused assistance regarding pricing decisions as well as planning, projects and strategy formulation. 

In addition to guiding with financial clarity about the future, we’ll also work to correct any financial mismanagement of the past so the business can move forward freely.

CFO Case Study

A growing medical practice that specialized internal medicine, women’s health, weight loss and Aesthetics. Also, they sold products for three of there services. There was no separation of insurance and non-insurance-based services. They could not identify which service was making or losing money. They lacked a solid financial strategy for business success and were experiencing significant cash flow issues. The company’s long term plan was to purchase a building, which will house the medical practice on one floor and the aesthetics practice on the second floor.

Closing Your Books immediate step by step results:

Step 1

Separated Aesthetics services as a stand alone company. Why? because insurance did not pay for these services.

Step 2

Revamped chart of accounts to easily identify shared cost between services and Aesthetics Company.

Step 3

Implemented a more advanced financial system to measure company and service profitability.

Step 4

Streamlined monthly closing process and budget review meetings have assisted the company in obtaining and utilizing accurate, timely financial reporting.

Step 5

Developed an economic forecast to give the partners a true sense of the company’s cash position and financial performance.

Step 6

Continuous dialog among partners to achieve alignment on long-term goals and the financial path required to fulfill them.

Unsure whether you need a Part-Time CFO?

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