Law Firm CFO & Controller Services

Whether you’re searching online for “controllers accounting” or working to figure out your corporate finance planning, Closing Your Books is the answer you’ve been looking for. We’ll analyze your books to uncover any past problems, figure out the best way to address them, develop customized strategies to ensure they don’t happen again in the future, and finally help you follow a targeted growth plan for even greater success.

Controller in Accounting

Understanding the true financial impact of every business decision you make is key to making smart choices that not only make sense for where your company is at now but where you want it to be in the future.

To do this, getting the full financial picture is essential, so Closing Your Books will develop, review, and thoroughly analyze daily, weekly, and end of month management reports while additionally playing a role in the preparation of valuable forecasts, cash flows, budgets, and projects of forward-looking profitability against financial budgets. By making sure everything is accurately recorded, we open the door for meaningful growth plans and more enhanced, driven performance of team members. To further this aim, we’ll personally mentor your finance team members in a constructive environment.

Another major benefit of a dependable financial controller is risk management. Because we act as a second set of trained eyes there to watch over your accounting and bookkeeping, you can rely on us to catch any accidental errors or even deliberate attempts at theft. In that vein, we’re not only focused on financial safety but efficiency as well. That’s why we’ll work to help you utilize the latest technology and find a modern accounting system that will perfectly serve your firm’s particular needs. When a good fit has been settled upon, we can assist with smooth data migration so you can enjoy the benefits of your new software even faster.

Virtual CFO Services

Growing your business is more complex than getting more clients. Your law firm needs a strong financial business plan tailored to your services as a business lawyer, small business attorney, or other type of practice.

As your office’s part time virtual CFO, Closing Your Books will focus on developing tailored short and long-term growth strategies that are both achievable and specifically applicable to the firm’s goals using business plan financial projections.

This begins with using our expertise to correct any financial mis-management so you can enjoy a clean start with a driven strategic partner by your side. Then, after studying your financial situation, we will create a clear roadmap for both attorneys and staff to follow to help the entire organization to flourish.

Cost-Effective Specialized Attorney CFO & Financial Controller Services
Closing Your Books’ specialized services are cost-effective, not only because you don’t have to hire a full-time CFO/ controller unnecessarily for your business law attorney office, but because we simultaneously help your law office generate more revenue through tailored strategies while losing less revenue due to poor accounting practices. To learn about how we can help your firm with business finance planning, fill out the contact form below. We look forward to speaking with you!


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.