We Are Your In-Between

Closing Your Books fills the void between your business’s bookkeeper and tax accountant/CPA.

Stay on track financially, implement smart financial management practices and eliminate costly accounting surprises with our part time Financial Controller, CFO and Forensic Accounting services.

Working with Lozelle Mathai -MBA, CFE

At Closing Your Books, we want your organization to not just survive but truly thrive, and the first step is getting you to become dangerously in love with your finances. Understanding the ins and outs of your numbers and using this to your advantage as you plan for the future is the key to unlocking your team’s full potential. 

Just because cash is in the bank does not mean that you are necessarily achieving your organization’s goals. There’s no more room for “I wish I knew what this financial statement means” or “If only I could reach the next level of growth” – we want you to have control over your books, your operations, your profits, your business and move your business to the next level proactively, not reactively. Get back in the driver’s seat and gain the financial confidence you desire with Lozelle Mathai, founder of Closing Your Books! 


We at Closing Your Books not only want to be your financial partners; we want to act as your devil’s advocate to look at all financial repercussions every step of the way.


While our services are part-time, our dedication to helping your business succeed is unparalleled.


Through our proactive approach, continuous conversations, excellent communication, honest advice and different reporting forms, everyone will be on the same financial page.

Why Closing Your Books is the Accounting Specialist You Need On Your Team

Each of us invites professionals to be on our teams. For our health and wellness, we might have a general practitioner (MD), a chiropractor, a cardiac specialist, and a nutritionist working together as a team. You need your MD to interpret your X-rays and plan for your future. You might only see your cardiologist twice a year and see your chiropractor monthly.

It’s the same in accounting. For your small to medium-sized business, you might have a bookkeeper and a tax accountant. While you see your tax accountant only twice a year, you may—several times during the year–want to consult with an accounting specialist (a finance manager, an internal controller, a Chief Financial Officer/CFO or Forensic Accountant), to interpret for you what is happening with your finances.

We fill the gap between your bookkeeper and your tax accountant. Our focus is on small/medium businesses that need a finance manager, internal controller, or chief financial officer (CFO), but are not big enough to have one of these essential accounting positions – Is that you? If so, contact Closing Your Books today!

of business failures are due to embezzlement
1 %
of cases lasted 5 years or longer
1 %
of embezzlements occur in companies with under 100 employees
1 %

Making sure your business is taken care of together.

Specialized Services

Closing Your Books provides customized part-time services for significantly less money than a full-time Controller, CFO or Forensic Accountant, giving you a cost-effective solution backed by multiple business degrees, over 18 years of experience and a true passion for all thing finance.

We are specialists in CFO/Controller/Forensic Accounting work, so rather than offering bookkeeping, our work is largely focused on strategic growth planning which allows your business to take the appropriate steps to flourish both short and long-term. Some of our Controller/CFO/Forensic Accounting work includes:

Developing and maintaining efficient control procedures to make sure that all expenses, assets, income and liabilities are properly recorded
Financial strategy tasks such as long-term projections, pricing decisions and strategy formulation/refinement
Assistance during the preparation of cash flows, forecasts, financial reports, management reports, budgets and projection of profitability against budget
Data migration and integration for the latest technological financial systems
Management and mentoring of Accounting/Finance department team members
Reliable risk management as the trained, experienced and qualified overseer of all financial books
Thorough and effective correction of previously mis-managed finances
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Take back Control & Start Living Dangerously.

Once you understand the fundamentals, get your bookkeeping up to date, learn how technology can help, dig into your accounting software and financial transactions, you will know enough to be “Dangerous”…. Dangerous enough: To feel confident to ask questions. To know what your bookkeeper and tax accountant is supposed to be doing. To know what your monthly, quarterly and yearly financial statements are telling you. To be able to identify if something is not correctly reflected in your financial statements. And so much more. #dangerouslyinlovewithyourfinances


Unsure whether you need a Part-Time Financial Controller or a Part-Time CFO for your business? We’d be pleased to outline a proposal for you – just fill out the Form to reach out to us, or schedule a consultation with Lozelle.